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We are now producing wax dip tanks.  They hold up to three 10 frame deep brood boxes and are produced right here in South Alabama, U.S.A.  Tanks take about 45 minutes to heat up with the 200000 BTU burner depending on outside temp.  We have been dipping at 270 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes and very happy with those settings.  Holds roughly 275 pounds of wax for initial fill.

We also have had wax custom blended for use in this tank.  It is 100% produced in U.S. and takes all the guesswork out of figuring out the ratios!

These are custom made to order.

What you will need:

wax (we can supply this)

Extra super to push everything under plus a weight (concrete block).

2 stage propane regulator (able to support greater than 65000 BTU) and propane hose available at hardware store. (available from us soon)

Propane tank (40 lb or bigger works great.  Less chance to freeze up!

Hook or tool to pull boxes out of tank (thick rubber gloves work well too.  Handy to have a bucket of water to dip them in if they get too hot.)

Plastic tote and some sort of scoop for foam. (cut out empty milk jug works well)

Candy, digital, or IR thermometer (available from us soon)

PPE (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE GEAR) face shield, long pants, closed toe shoes, think rubber gloves, and apron.  All the things that I was not wearing in the video and wished I had been!




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